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Aerial Bold Needs You

Bring Aerial Bold closer and closer your fingertips by hunting down some letters with our Letter Finder App .


In order to develop the smartest and robust letterform detection and classification algorithm, we need to find dozens of real world "training data" for each letter, number, or character that we are interested in including in Aerial Bold. These training data include examples all of the possible shapes of "A's", "Z's", "6's", "❤︎'s", etc. that we might be able to see in aerial imagery. With a solid database of training data and the help of the geniuses at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at HS Weingarten, we can then automate "the planetary search for letterforms".

Excited? We sure are. Keep reading to see how you can help.

Crowdsourcing the Training Data

Out of our need to find more training data, we have developed this crowdsourcing tool that allows you to systematically scan through Mapbox satellite imagery and to catalog all the letter/number/character shaped features you can find.

By clicking the big green button, you can begin contributing new features to the Aerial Bold database. We have already found 500+ alphanumeric features, but the more features we have, the better Aerial Bold will be.

Together we can make Aerial Bold bigger, better, and more beautiful. Thanks for your help!

Letterforms in Numbers

Here's the latest count for all the letters in our ever growing database. The green bars represent those letters with more than 30 features and the orange bars represent more rare ones.

We'll need especially more of the letters in orange to train our image classifier! Let's even the score!


Our Top Letter Hunters*

* You have to find at least 10 letters to make it to the list! :)

** Total sum of all "anonymously" (without set credits) submitted letters.

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